Project organisation and co-operation

For all types of engagements, close and seamless co-operation with the client’s legal advisors and the client’s internal resources and, as the case may be, with any auditing/consulting firm chosen by the client is an integral key element of my work within the scope of my engagement.


In case of engagements in connection with arbitration proceedings, as the case at hand may require, I would also engage employees of renowned German auditing and consulting firms to assist me by working on defined work streams. These external resources would be instructed by me in detail so that the usefulness of their analyses and work results is ensured. Likewise it may be appropriate to make use of specialised providers of research services and data providers (e.g. of capital market data and market surveys).

At the very beginning of the work within the scope of my engagement, I will set-out the „match plan“ which appears most appropriate from the economic perspective of a public auditor. Moreover, I will set-out the realisation roadmap through an effective project organisation, defining the work streams of the internal and external resources needed, the envisaged work stream results and the required time-line („mile stones“).

In case of engagements in connection with arbitration proceedings, input with regard to the alignment of legal and economic aspects of the case, may be subject matter of my engagement (as requested by the client). In my experience thorough up-front discussions of both legal and economic aspects have been most beneficial in a number of cases.


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